Fast Food: Good or Bad?

We all know that fast food is full of fats, sugars, and sodium.  There is no doubt that eating fast food in excess is bad for your health.  What I am here to discuss is how fast food, like anything else in life, is okay in moderation.  There is no harm to treating yourself to a hamburger and fries every now and then.  The problem, and the reason most people consider fast food the catalyst of the obesity epidemic, is over indulgence.

This chart shows the obesity rates in selected countries.  The United States reaches the top with over 30% of obese adult citizens.

This website is intended to educate on the nutrition of fast food.  This webpage will also discuss the negative effects fast food has on children and low income families.  I will discuss the nutrition facts of fast food including fast food restaurants such as McDonald’s and Subway.  I will also be including negative influences in the media that force bad eating habits.

Hopefully this webpage will serve as an information tool on nutrition and a basis for decisions on what to eat and what not to eat and why.

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